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Wow, Google works faster than I expected. The Harbour Garden iGoogle theme is up and ready to use by the general iGoogling public. I noticed this morning that 137 people were using it already. An hour later, that number was listed as less than 100, so I’m not going to puff my ego up too much about that. Still, anyone is welcome to use it, just as they are to enjoy the garden itself. I’ll eventually update it and make it more dynamic, but this is a nice start, showing three different times of day.

It’s nice to have a little bit of my virtual home with me when I log on from the office.


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Wide Open Spaces

I am an openspace simulator tenant.

Harbour was delivered August 2, and I have been careful ever since not to overtax the resources allocated to it. I can tell you right now, even though I am not currently logged in, the top 5 scripts. Yes, I have monitored them that closely. And I would like to think that I would be a good example of how an open space region can be used responsibly. It’s rare to see even three avatars in the region at a time, and I never dreamed of bringing my business to the region. It relies on scripts, so it remains on the mainland.

Trick or Treat, Linden Labs is raising the rent on open space simulators by 66% starting January 1. They justify this by saying it is due to overuse of resoruces by the openspace simulators, but they aren’t specific about what resources are being overused. There’s a lot I could say here, but I think that the discussion about the policy change in the wake of Jack Linden’s blog post is far more eloquent. This has blindsided a lot of residents, and they’re unhappy abut it. All I can say is that I think this is being badly mishandled, and addressing the issue differently would have helped. I hope they’ll take a hard look at how this is playing out, because it isn’t pretty.

As for me, I’m just wondering what the next shoe to fall is. They insist that simulator resources are being abused but don’t say what constitutes abuse. For all I know, my peaceful corner of the grid is part of the problem. It would be nice to be told instead of wondering.

So I’ll stand on the porch and look out at the peaceful vistas of my garden while I can and wonder what’s next.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve become way too dependent on Google. My iGoogle home page is like my dashboard to Feline’s world. I’ve been looking at that plain iGoogle page for months now, day in and day out, because none of the available themes were particularly appealing. So I thought I should create an iGoogle theme that was all mine, with a scene from Harbour.

So here is the result. It changes 3 times a day, showing morning, afternoon, and night scenes. I have submitted it to the Google Gods for inclusion in the directory for all to use. After all, the garden in Harbour is for everyone to enjoy, too.

I’ll post an update when/if it’s accepted to the directory.

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