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Music and Me

I grew up in a household surrounded by music. My father played guitar and sang — still does — and he had the most amazing collection of cassette tapes. Literally thousands of them, lining a whole wall. The only recording of me as a child is one on a scratchy old cassette, and it’s me singing along with my Dad.

So it can’t be surprising that in Second Life, I have a strong affinity for the live music community. They are the ones whose craft speaks to me, whose music is “just like home.” I have avoided in the past telling certain performers, “Hey, my Dad plays that!” After all, I don’t want any of my musician firends to feel alienated by my relegating them or their music to another generation. It wouldn’t be meant that way. But I often have the urge to say it to try to express how much it moves me to hear someone singing the music that filled the walls and the air as I grew up.

So to all the musicians I don’t say it to… thanks for sharing that bit of magic, and for taking me back down the fond roads of memory.


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I’ve been thinking a lot about what to say about the memorial service I attended yesterday morning. Memorials take different forms in different cultures, and in Second Life, this is also true. Yesterday, Grunt Greenwood’s memorial was a full military sendoff. Taps, 21 gun salute, a flag-draped casket. I am not from a military family, so the ritual of it isn’t as familiar to me as it probably is to a lot of other people, but I did find it moving. And more importantly, his partner was obviously moved and touched by it.

The ceremony maxed out a mainland sim and had 23 of us standing in the adjacent sim to watch. I won’t forget it any time soon. Nor will I forget Grunt. He touched a lot of people, and he’ll be missed.

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I decided to do a little inventory cleaning. I’m far from done, but I did this:

Look for clothes from stores I like. Search for the landmarks for those stores and delete all but one.

Go through notecards. If I don’t need them at hand, box them up and store the storage prims inside the master storage prim rezzed inworld.

Doesn’t sound like much, does it? I got rid of over 500 items that way. Next session, I’m taking on my copiable Pillow Talk pillows. I figure that will save me 20 or 30 items right there with duplicates. The goal is to get my inventory below 10,000 by next weekend.

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After a less-than-stellar day, nothing makes me feel better than some good music.

Tonight, Cylindrian sang one particularly great song abandoning all actual lyrics and instead riffing about what she would like to do with Takamura Keiko’s ice cream. A much-needed laugh. I love how talented musicians do that, keeping their music in the moment, making it relevant to the people who are present, listening.

Music makes everything better… and tthankfully there’s lots of good live music all across the grid.

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Getting the House in Order

I’m not a big believer in omens. But reminders… yeah, I get it.

First, there was Armi’s post Monday about making arrangements for your SL affairs in case something happens to you.

Then last night, as I was about to log off for the night, I got an IM asking if I had a cellphone number for a mutual friend of ours. I don’t. She is on vacation and her partner was hospitalized. I know if it was me in her place, I would want to know.

Today, I got a RL voicemail. My friend’s partner died, and she’s still unreachable. She has no idea. (I wouldn’t dare even write this if anyone knew this blog existed; it’s not how anyone should get that kind of news.)

I need to get my virtual house in order. I don’t have the kind of business interests that a lot of people do inworld, but I do have a 512 square meter of mainland. And of course there’s Harbour. Not to mention the human element. I need to sit down in the near future and just write all the stuff down that would need doing.

After all, we can pass only so many signposts along the road before we miss the exit. And there’s no U-turn on this highway.

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A new day begins… a new blog stirs to life. Why on earth do we need yet another blog about what goes on in virtual worlds? Don’t we get enough of that?

Umm… maybe.

But I’ve been thinking about it a while, wanting to have somewhere to pull together my observations as I travel the grid. And while I stay home. Because I have to admit, my favorite place on the grid is the little patch of garden known as Harbour.

And that’s the jumping off point for all the adventures to come. But first, pardon me while I watch the sun rise over the water. It brings the hope of new beginnings.

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